what brothers do

This is how they always sit in the stroller. One brother's hand always on the other brother's lap. Sometimes they play with each other's hands...but always touching. I see this picture and my heart does summersaults. Julian looks so innocent hugging his brother's arm with his little ankles crossed in a way he always sits. Isaiah looks like such a big boy with his arm on his brother's lap. Maybe they do it for reassurance that someone else is there with them. Maybe this is a continuation of their closeness in the womb, always need to be touching and together. Maybe Isaiah's hand just goes there with no real thought or purpose and Julian just likes holding on to stuff in his lap. (It's probably that.) 

But I like to think it's because they love each other.

Or Isaiah puts his arm on Julian's lap to build a relationship of trust...so minutes later he can blindly swipe at Julian's face hoping to nab his pacifier and have two for himself. 

Yep. I think that's why.

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