Vliggity Vlog Vednesday #2

Let's talk about the 1000 issues I had today trying to get this godforsaken video up. I didn't want to record from the camera because it records in HD and the videos take FOREVER to upload. I wanted to record it straight to youtube  but it wasn't showing any video. So I just did it from photobooth....and well, the first video I did had no sound. Shoot me in the face. I played with the computer forever trying to figure it out. The input volume was way down. So I had to re-record. When I re-recorded and got to the end of the video I was holding Isaiah, who then slapped the computer and all of a sudden the video stopped recording and I have no idea where it went. Someone please kick me in the shins.

So I had to record it AGAIN. 

And every time I tried to upload it to youtube it would only upload 1:51 of the whole 4 minute video and the sound would be normal but the speed of the video was really fast. I tried uploading it a few times and nothing changed. So I uploaded it to Vimeo...which made me wait 30 min before they even processed it. I'm serious, please do something to take away this pain.

We're going outside to play in the beautiful weather now. So...I hope you all appreciate this video and all the freaking hoops I had to jump through to make it happen. 

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