two daffodils

I've been wanting to add to my tattoos for awhile now and was going back and forth on what I wanted to get and what I wanted it to mean. At first, I really wanted a mountain sillouette with a sunrise behind it on my arm. The more I thought of it though, my life has been more than things of the past and things I love. This new stage of my life is filled with change and adventure. My new life isn't as steady and constant as a mountain sunrise but is influenced daily by the winds of change. And one of the biggest and most beautiful changes involved two little March daffodils. 

I wanted a bright and colorful piece and I wanted it where it could be seen and enjoyed. I wanted it to effect people who saw it like the change it represents has effected my life: with pure beauteous-awesomesauce. Yes I just said that. 

Two beautiful daffodils...

A smaller one for my baby born slightly smaller but no less vibrant and amazing, my little lover Julian Tochi.

And a bigger one for another little joy, shining beautifully in his own way, my silly Isaiah Chidi. 

I was also commended for my badassnes during this tattoo. Apparently my tattoo artist had tattooed an ex-marine yesterday in the same place, who squirmed and whined through the whole thing. I guess I just have a high tolerance for pain. I've never been one to make a huge performance out of tattooing process, more just quiet reflection and mental focus so I can handle the hurt after 2 hours.  And, I realize my whining won't make it stop hurting lol. 

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