Some days when the dudes won't stop fussing and I seriously think I'm going to just melt into a puddle, I look at these pictures and think one thing-If my mom could handle 3 at a time, there's no way I'll fail with only two. 

3 to take on vacation to see their big sister at college

3 to dress up and make sit through the long Easter mass.

3 littles on their first Christmas

1st birthday...with 3.

3 in a stroller.

3 learning to stand and walk

3 in piano lessons.

3 to pose for a picture

3 growing differently

3 just wanting to open presents on Christmas Eve

3 times the bubbles

3 completely different personalities (pissed off because they wanted to open presents not take pictures)

3 building snowmen

3 rides to buy

3 trouble makers...(don't let Bryce's innocent look fool you.)

3 third birthdays (one pissed off sister and a boy trying to blow his candles out early)

3 tan and blonde summer babies

So when your life gets really rough with just one, or some of you with two, just think, you don't have three all the same age with different needs and personalities. You have one to focus on and love. Two is even manageable because you have two hands. But I don't know how my mom didn't grow an extra limb.

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