things i want to remember

I was just sitting here thinking of all the little quirks of the boys and how I love how they're turning into total individuals. I mean, they've always been individuals but now their big personalities are starting to take form.

Here are some things I want to remember about this time:

  • Could sit forever reading books. 
  • When he's interested in a picture he crawls up directly on top of it and then puts his face down really close to the picture so he can get a good look at it. 
  • Likes collecting things. If he finds a pacifier on the floor that he wants to take with him  I can hear him crawling with it in his hand because it clunks when it hits the floor. He sounds like he's walking with a peg leg. He does this with blocks and other toys, too. Anything in general he feels like taking around the house.
  • When he drinks out of his sippy cup he looks like when Napoleon Dynamite chugs the gatorade. He throws his head back dramatically and drinks really fast. 
  • He is ALWAYS standing at my legs. He loves to stand behind me, look through my legs and walk holding on to me around the kitchen. He squeals with excitement. 
  • He likes scratching things that make weird noises or feel weird...especially our stainless steel garbage can...and it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. It's really painful for me to hear.
  • Giggles when I wipe his butt after he poops. I think the cold wipes feel funny but in the moment it feels like he's laughing that I'm cleaning up his crap.
  • Likes to put toys in his mouth and crawl around like a puppy with stuff in his mouth. 
  • Puts his entire pacifier in his mouth. The WHOLE thing. This is why we try not to use them much during the day.
  • When I pucker up to kiss him he slaps my face. 
  • Likes to play with his hair. He's constantly pulling on his curls. 
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo and is getting better at being the one to pop out instead of mama having to. He laughs and laughs every time.
  • Loves to stand at the desk and peek his eyes up over and grab everything within reach.
  • Will reach for his little wenis every time I change his diaper. I leave the diaper off for a minute or two to let him explore. 
  • I know when he wants to practice walking because he'll walk on his knees over to me and push up to a stand with an excited face. 
  • He'll sometimes point to things in books when I do. Not necessarily to what I pointed at but just pointing in general.
  • He'll crawl to me as fast as he can and squeal really loud when I'm on my knees chasing him. He likes to be chased but loves charging me even more haha
  • When I ask him "What does the lion say" he growls really loud. 
  • Walks everywhere on his knees. He was taking little scooting steps but now takes huge "knee steps" swinging his legs forward with each "step". Why doesn't he just use his feet already?!

What are some little things you don't want to forget about your little ones right at this moment?

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