a simple kind of celebration

Here are some snapshots from our day with the dudes. Chikezie got the day off work so we could just all hang out and enjoy the day today. And enjoy it we did. We spent the day together as a family, on the one year anniversary that we went from a pair of aces to four of a kind. We walked to the mall, the boys slept while we ate at Red Robin. (I was even good, a plain burger wrapped in lettuce w/a side salad and water. Boring, I know. But I gotta lose the jiggle somehow.) Then back home to play on the playground and in the grass at the park. We wrapped up the day with the boys' favorites-strawberries and noodles. We topped it off with mini brownie cupcakes (their first ever REAL dessert) and stayed up past bed time playing quietly with their new Mickey Mouse ride/walk plane thingy.

Getting a happy birthday on the phone from Sir Hatler (a.k.a. my dad)

Taking a little nap while mama and daddy have a late lunch at Red Robin. 

Birthday J, giving daddy a look.

Daddy and Julian...they must have called each other before they left to make sure they were matching.

Isaiah reflecting on his first year of life. Verdict: it was a good one.

And then gracing us with his standing abilities. Look at those honkin shoes! Too big!

Julian in his own little world, loving the slide.

He really did love the slide. Not sliding down it, just the slide itself. Daddy chasing Isaiah around the playground in the back.

Getting in some mama time. Really just trying to stare at the water fountain.

Isaiah with his bitchin' ride, crawling off into the sunset.

Mom..please. We're in public.

Can always find daddy.

Chatting about life. 

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. We had a great day.
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