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The Lamb asked:
I have one 2 year old running around and driving me crazy. How are you going to manage when your little cuties hit the terrible twos.

You know, I just take it one day at a time. Who says all kids have to be pissed of and angry when they're 2? I'm not going to live in fear of an age. I've decided to take each day for what it is, and if we have bad days, we have bad days. 


The Paper Mama asked:
So, I've read your when you found out you were preggo with twins story... but, not sure if I missed something: do you have multiples in your family? 

Well as most of you know (or don't know) the chance of having multiples comes from the mother's side. So the fact that Chikezie is a twin is completely null. And my mom had triplets, but through IVF, so that wouldn't have any genetic bearing on me. However, there IS a history of twins through my grandma's side. If you remember when I posted about my Great Great Grandma Amanda, she had twin boys (one of whom died at birth). And from what I've heard, multiples skips a generation. So appropriately, my grandma had two cousins who both had a set of twins. It would have skipped over my mom's generation and I got the lucky gene. 

I've read it's actually quite common for women to hyper-ovulate on a regular basis. I may be one of those women. Also, when I got pregnant, it was right after Chikezie and I got engaged and we were spending the week together for the first time in 4 months. I've done some reading and totally think it's possible our bodies were both RAGING with hormones because we hadn't seen each other for so long and mother nature knew it, and our bodies were just doing what they were programmed to do, make babies.

And, how long have you been knitting/or crocheting?

I got a book at the library when I was like, a sophomore in high school and taught myself to knit. Then, my junior year I took a needle-works class for home ec, called like "Independent needlework" where i re-learned to knit with my right hand (I'd some how taught myself to do it the left handed way) and learned some new tricks. For a while I could knit both ways but I don't think I remember how to do it the other way anymore. And I can't really crochet, although I did crochet a hat for Julian once. It's pretty straight forward if you watch videos and kind of already know how to do stuff with needles. 


Lauren asked:

My question for you is about being a transplant.  How do you like living in So Cal? Is there anywhere else that you would like to move to?

When I first moved here, it was fine. I was like, 13 weeks pregnant and was still mobile. I was teetering on whether to get a job or not. I tried. But we only have one car, I was starting to show more and more and let's face it, the job market here just isn't so great. So then I spent my pregnancy cooped up in a studio apartment, couldn't get farther than the mall...and after a few months was confined to even closer distances. I didn't know hardly anyone, and was a whale. I hated California. 

But let me tell you, after the boys were born I really felt like I was living in a brand new place. I could get outside, enjoy the weather and we could start getting out more. After our trip home to Iowa over the holidays, I really started to miss it here! I missed the freedom of enjoying outdoors all year round without having to scoop snow or bundle people up. And now it's kind of growing on me. 

However, there are lots of places we want to move! I told Chikezie if he finds a job somewhere that pays him great and is a good opportunity I'm up to move wherever. I've learned no matter where we go, I can eventually learn to call it home. I love the mountains (Colorado) and Chikezie has always wanted to live around Seattle/Portland. So where our future takes us, we don't know! Could we have imagined we'd be living in Southern California? Not in a million years!


Andrea Parker asked:
When do you think you will try for another one?  How many years do you want between your children?

Oh, the million dollar question! I have no idea. We didn't try for these two haha. I go back and forth on whether I want another one or not. We have two awesome babies already. I'd love to have a girl, just because I want a girl with big poofy hair that I can play with. But who says if we tried again we'd have a girl? That's really the only reason I'd want another-just to try for a girl. It would be nice to feel what a normal pregnancy feels like. What it's like to not be a whale and be able to actually do stuff through a pregnancy. Sometimes I miss having something  kicking in my tummy. However, to be honest, I'd be 100% happy with just these guys though. I really don't feel like getting fat again. Putting my body through all of that again. I'm finally getting to a place where I'm starting to see a little of my old body coming back and the thought of having to do it all over again is exhausting.

If we DID try for another, it wouldn't be until the boys are in like, preschool or something. But 3 kids is a lot more financial responsibility than 2. We can live in a 2 bedroom place right now but with 3, we'd need a bigger place and that's not really something we can do right now.


Summer Crosbie asked:
Do you worry about raising your boys in Orange County since it can be so competitive and fast paced?
Chikezie and I have talked about where we want to raise the boys, and I really want to be out of Orange County by the time they're in like kindergarden. The school systems in general here are kind of bunk. Like I said earlier, we're thinking of a few different states to live in...just waiting for now though.

Favorite thing to do or place to go when you have a break from the kids?
I'm a nerd. I love going to Barnes and Noble. There is SO much to read and it's like a library but better! I love going to read tons of magazines and books I have no intention of buying and downing ridiculous amounts of caffeine in the process. I also really love thrifting, although I never have anyone to go with. I really need a partner to go to the Orange antique mall!

Keepinitinperspective asked:
I love the side braid you do, how do you get it to look so good? When I do it, I look like a dufus. 
Maybe I'll do a tutorial for this. Stay tuned. It's really pretty simple and I don't do it like other people do with the badkwards braid that sticks out, I don't know how to braid that way. I just leave my bangs out, either french braid them along my hairline or just regular braid them and bobby pin them back in my hair. I'll try to post a video soon. 

Also, what is one of your guilty pleasures?
Celebrity gossip sites and magazines (but not annoying shows like Extra and Access Hollywood). I won't lie, I have to get my daily dose of Daily Mail or I feel like I'm missing out on life. 


Wendy asked:
How high are you going to let those afros grow?  
Wendy...they're going to grow and grow and grow! Everyone keeps expecting us to cut it at a certain point but no way dude. We love the curls. I think it's going to look like this, but darker:

Thanks for all the questions everyone! If you have more I'll have one more round of question answering...so post a few more questions here if there is more you want to know!!

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