We've been trying to get out more, especially to the playground here at our apartment complex because there are usually kids playing there. I'd like the boys to have some interaction with other people besides just me and daddy.

I've learned that Julian is so friendly and absolutely not afraid of strangers. He had no problem crawling up to the lady sitting on the bench watching her kid. He put his hand up on her knee and made a noise at her as if to start a conversation. I hate child leashes but I could see myself needing one with him someday so he doesn't just run off with some strangers.

Isaiah playing with his spit.

Julian crawled right to his favorite thing, the slide.

Isaiah came over to see what was up.

Look at my oldest son. Isn't he beautiful?

Yeah we're talking about you.

I told you, he really loves the slide. He was doing nothing more than tapping on it.

This is typically what we do outside. Sit somewhere and just stare at everything.

...and walk around on our knees.

Isaiah found a leaf and I let him try to eat it:

And then we played house. I didn't purposely dress them the same. Our hoodies just happen to be the same color and I just threw some jeans on them and they happen to look pretty much the same! When the ladies asked me their names I was looking at them from behind-I couldn't tell who was who!

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