I love nights now that the boys go to sleep around 7 and sleep all night. did I make it so long with the boys waking up so much at night? And going to bed so much later? I feel like a completely different person now that I'm going to bed between 10-11 and waking up between 6-7. Well, 7 if I'm LUCKY. Yesterday morning it was 6 am on the dot. Our monitor died overnight and it usually gives me some warning beeps. I vaguely remember hearing beeps but I must have slept completely through it. What is nice is that if I can't hear the boys, Isaiah is really good at screeching so loud at the top of his lungs that I can hear him through their door, across the apartment, through our door and through the fan on in our room. He's pretty good. And by that point he's a little worked up so I feel bad and give him extra cuddles but I'm thankful for his little lungs. 

Anyways. I like nights. I feel like we have so much more free time together or just more time now that the boys sleep earlier. Here are some shots from our evening last night. And I'll forewarn you the lighting was HORRID for the pictures with the boys. I lightened them up the best I could without making them look to unbearable. 

Julian, pre dinner snack. He is the messiest kid. And he has the most random sitting positions...good thing his joints are flexible. 

Isaiah doing his new favorite thing, looking up over the desk. We have to keep everything on the desk out of his reach because he'll stand on his tippy toes and grab at anything close to the edge. 

These little pouches are awesome now that the boys have somewhat learned how to suck out of them. The boys practically chug them because they feel so cool that they can drink out of a straw. Seriously...look at those sweet lips. UGH! I'm dying. 

Well, they mostly have it figured out. This is how Julian does everything though. He likes to brush his teeth with the handle of the toothbrush, too. He makes up his own rules for stuff.

When the boys go to bed, this is what our night looks like. Chikezie at the computer, Two and a Half Men on, me at the sink, doing dishes and cleaning up. Except tonight...I decided to make cookies.

Except I forgot butter and had to make a quick walk to the market...good thing they sell overpriced goods within walking distance.

Here's my deal. I eat only the cookie dough. I usually eat enough to the point where I'm tired of the cookies by the time they're in the oven. And then I don't really want to eat any after they're baked. I think it tastes better in dough form.

See you later, cookies. Whatever Chikezie doesn't eat at night I try to send with him to work the next day so I don't eat them. Plus maybe his friends will think I'm cool. 

The End.

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