night on the town

Last night we went out to eat - to Johnny Rockets. We haven't been there before but it was chilly out and didn't feel like walking around The District to find anything else.  Before we left I thought for sure it was going to be a crappy trip as the boys were just unleashing hell. Tears. Yelling. More tears. Whining. It was not good. BUT...the second we were out the door it was like they were possessed by little angels and were that way the whole night. Even when we got home at 9pm; two hours past their bed time. Not a single whine or peep or fit or cry or anything. Not even at the restaurant. They were completely content the whole time. I was literally in shock and awe the whole night.

Isaiah looking very handsome.

Train conductor Julian (and Luigi) with his Oshkosh overalls ($2 Goodwill) and bandana bib I made. He looked so stinking cute.

Even the hubs looked dashing.

The boys ate some chicken strips and french fries. Complete with smiley face ketchup. 

And how nice of Julian to get the bill for us. 

And we completed dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

And we tried to get a picture of mama and the boys...but you see how those go these days.

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