living the good life

It has been beautiful here the past couple days. Ok, we live in the's always pretty nice. But the past couple days have been in the 70's. So nice, in fact, that the dudes busted out their first pair of shorts this year. 

We walked to Target (obviously. Where else do we go?) and the boys picked out a couple of books to buy with their birthday money. I love going to Target during the day because it's so dead. Whenever I'm there on weekends it makes me appreciate how nice it is to be there while everyone else is working on weekdays. 

We stopped to watch the giant wheel (that's what they call it) go round and round for awhile. The dudes pretty much like anything that moves. We also have a carousel at the mall but haven't been on it yet. Maybe before we move farther than walking distance we'll get a ride in.

Cute legs feeling the cool ocean breeze on a beautiful day. Always something or someone to look at when we're at the mall!

The new buildings going up across from our building. These didn't even exist in January and now they've got almost a full 1/2 block full-it's crazy how fast they go! The boys love going by and listening to all the construction noises. 

What's the weather like where you are?

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