like a pit bull with rabies

As some of you know, I used to blog for the when I lived in Des Moines. I recently went back to read some of my old blogs, which focused mainly on my opinions and fitness stuffs. And you know what? I like reading some of these things from the old me. The pre-babies, fitness buff me. I'm going to be sharing some of these posts with you over the next few days/weeks. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did. 

Random picture of me. Pre-babies.

Originally posted 1/7/2009:

I've been thinking a lot lately about road blocks on our path to fitness and how sometimes we can be our own biggest obstacle. Over the holidays I got my first tour of the Hawkeye Football sports complex and actually got some great ideas about motivation from the tour. Here are three lessons I took away from my visit, courtesy of Iowa Hawkeye football:
 1. No Energy Vampires - the sign posted on the door to the football weight room. At first I found it kind of funny and then I really thought about it. Even college athletes need a reminder to check their negative attitudes at the door. Have you ever caught yourself, at any time, saying "this is going to be bad" or "this is going to suck"? Those statements suck the positive energy out of you and if you're not careful will suck the energy out of those close to you. Just as smiles and laughter are contagious, so is negativity. Having a negative attitude about anything before actually doing it completely ruins all potential of a positive experience. I'm not saying go through everyday with a huge smile on your face and with an overly-energetic attitude. However, having an open mind to the experience or task won't hurt. Use this mentality during parts of your fitness routine you don't particularly like. If you hate doing lunges, don't think the entire time "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this !$#$^%^*@!!!!!!" Stay focused on the task, what body parts you're using, what your body is doing and how this is helping. I'm not saying that you'll start enjoying lunges but not being an energy vampire may help lead to having energy to do other things you actually like!
 2. Sometimes visual motivation is the key. The football complex is literally plastered with photos and plaques of players throughout the years who have excelled in a certain area. The guys everyone looks up to and wishes that sometime over their 4-5 years they could capture even a little of the success that those before them had. I used visual motivation just yesterday at lunch. I read Women's Health magazine while I was eating. It motivated me not to eat anything I'd regret an hour later. It's hard munching on a cookie or candy bar while staring at someone lifting weights in a magazine. I like to keep pictures handy of myself out of shape. I also like to keep pictures around of myself when I was doing something I'm proud of. Climbing a mountain, running a race, whatever it is, those daily visual reminders help keep you motivated and on task.
3. This one is my favorite: Come out like a pitbull with rabies. I found this taped up on a wall somewhere in one of the offices and even though the saying is hilarious it is actually pretty good. Attack life like a crazy person. Don't be afraid of what may or may not happen just charge at everything with all intent of conquering it. Don't let anything or anyone (not even yourself) stand in your way. It's not really the most attractive visualization of how you life your life but in my opinion, the crazy people are the ones who pass by all of the scared people standing on the side lines.

Did this post make you all excited and motivated for life? Use that motivation to vote for'll make you even MORE motivated. I SWEAR.

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