the heat is on

I took the boys for a morning walk today because we're supposed to have highs in the 80's and I didn't feel like walking with them when it gets super warm. We haven't done a morning walk in a very long time and it was around nap time when we left. They were pretty fussy the whole time. I guess they really need their morning nap in their beds. But, we survived. As long as I kept the stroller moving and we were outside they seemed to do ok and they kind of fell asleep by the time we got home. I put them in their beds and now they're getting that nap they were whining for earlier. 

The mall.

more of the mall.

We stopped in the shade to look at the big fountain for a few minutes. I seriously felt like jumping in and playing. 

Two little boys...fighting off sleep.

And one mama enjoying some fresh air.

We'll probably go back outside later this afternoon if it's not too hot and we can find a place with grass and shade. Not so easy. I sometimes wish the boys were walking because the mall has two areas with fountains that shoot water out of the ground. There are always little kids playing and running around in them in their swimming suits and actually on our way home this morning there must have been some kind of mommy meet up with a bunch of moms and kids playing in the water. It looked like fun. But not fun to crawl on. Soon enough. 

So for the rest of the day I will be reading a couple crafting magazines I found at Barnes and Noble and playing a little game I like to call "see how cool I can keep our apartment without turning the ac on all day". Right now at 11:46 am the temp outside SAYS 61 but I think it feels more like 71. Inside: a cool and comfortable 74. Our high is supposed to be 83 so we'll see about this.

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