Happy 1st Birthday Julian Tochi James

Baby Julian-

My beautiful first born son. My little buster. My mellow man. You have always been my quiet go getter. You are the first to explore new territories and inspect things both you and your brother aren't sure of. You have places to go and things to do and you do everything as fast as you can. Since you were just a tiny little boy you've chugged bottles in half the time of your brother, stuff fists full of food in your mouth like you haven't eaten weeks, you crawl around the apartment like you're late for work.

If there is a boy standing at my feet at any time of day, it's you, not necessarily wanting to be held, just wanting to be close to mama. You squeal with excitement when I put my arms out   to pick you up and wave your arms happily until I hold you.

You love bouncing up and down when you're standing by the couch or in your bed. You love to lay on your tummy on the floor, kicking your right foot against the ground. You love to crawl back and forth over the pillows on the floor. You play with your fingers.You are so curious, and when you're really interested in something you stand up on your knees at attention, eyebrows raised. 

Yours was the first cry I heard and the first beautiful baby I saw one year ago today. I sobbed tears of joy watching your daddy hold you for the first time just minutes after you were born...eyes wide open already. You and your daddy have a special connection that I think came from that first special moment between you two. 

I love you with every corner of my soul sweet boy. You surprise me everyday and have taught me the meaning of real and complete and simple joy. Happy birthday, Julian. The first year of your life was the best year of mine. 

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