Happy 1st Birthday Isaiah Chidi Hamilton

Dear Isaiah,

You are 100% your mother's son. You were the one kicking my belly for months. The one who screamed loudest and longest the night you were born. You've never been the one to keep quiet if there was something to say or a noise to be made. You slap things to make noise, you growl non-stop...you even crawl loudly.

Although you never fail to speak your mind, you are cautious with new things. (Good thing you have a big brother who likes to go first.) You study things from a distance until you're sure you want to put in the effort to go to it. You take your time eating but are sure to yell at me if you run out of food.

You are a rock solid kid. Your body has always felt pounds heavier than your brother, even when it was only a few ounces. Everyone has always described you as a "brick" because you are just one strong boy. I can't wait to see the things you'll be able to do as you grow. 

You love to be chased and will crawl back and forth to me, daddy and even Julian until we get up and chase you. You squeal with excitement and crawl as fast as you can until I catch and tickle you. And you are very ticklish. 

Just like Julian and daddy have a special bond, you and mama have a special bond. You are my baby and although you're the little brother I expect big things out of you one day. Just after your brother was born and you were lifted up above the curtain, I didn't think my heart could possibly swell big enough to have room to love another baby. But I was wrong. My heart found room. I love you more than my heart knew how to love. You were the completion to our little family and are perfect in every way.

Happy birthday Isaiah Chidi Hamilton. You keep me on my toes, little man and along with your brother have shown me more about life and love and happiness than I ever thought I'd know.  The first year of your life has been the best of mine.

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