for a walk

I try to get the boys outside most days of the week. Mainly because it's nice for me to get out of the house and be around other humans besides little crawlers that can't talk yet. And because they're angels when we're outside. Seriously, even in the stroller they will be silent for hours. 

This is what our walk days are like-and we're usually gone for a few hours from start to finish. It's a lot of work.

Before we leave we put on a fresh cloth diaper. Isaiah is really good at helping me get them...Thank you, Isaiah. I'm glad you decided to find the one at the very bottom of the basket. 

Oh, you want to pull everything off the desk within reach before we go? Thank you!

Oh and we need to make sure we check the Mickey Plane before we leave. Make sure all the parts are in working order.
(yes, that is a giant basket of clean, unfolded laundry in the background. is it folded yet? no. has it been there for a week? yes. do I plan on folding it any time soon? maybe the towels because they're easiest.)

Oh and check out Julian's one giant boingy curl in the middle of his head. He likes to bob his head back and forth so the curl bounces around. 

And for the few posts I've done on my outfits where I look all cute and stylish (I think)...let's be 100% honest. This is how I look almost every day of the week. Try to stop drooling.

We walked to the mall (because there's nowhere else for me to go). The boys picked out a couple books at Barnes and Noble. A.k.a. I bought them books so I didn't feel bad about buying myself 2 magazines and getting them nothing. 
 The secret to taking twins out of the house alone, on a daily basis, is making sure to leave after lunch. They have full tummies, are ready to get out of the house and after awhile are tired enough to fall asleep for awhile in the stroller. BAM. 

Julian woke up first, so we spent some mama and J time together. Clearly, he's enthused. 

He LOVED the $3 red ball we picked up at Target. Best. Purchase. Ever.

And we ventured to the gravel path where he picked up rocks and threw them...and then thought they'd be fun to eat. So that was fun.

Isaiah eventually woke up and thought it'd be fun to watch his spit strings stretch from the ball to this mouth. He did this for a good 5 minutes. 
That's my boy.

And finally...FINALLY...we're not afraid of grass anymore. 
Conquering fears, one hand at a time.

The End. 

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