Flashback Friday: Lil' Mandey

Little mama:

I could seriously be Dexter's daughter in this picture. 

Circa preschool. Don't fool yourself. I only did tap and ballet one year. Please note the stunna shades. 

On a family vacay to Colorado - kindergarden-ish. In our new red Grand Am!

My 1st grade roller skating birthday party with like all the girls in my class. And my cousin Zach who I think was mad at this point because he has diabetes and couldn't have the same sugary stuff we were having. Oh and he was the only boy.


Probably 4? Idk. I look so good I can't remember.

....good thing you don't have to look for boyfriends when you're in 2nd grade.

Coloring with the guys.

Flippin the bird. Obvs.

Showing off the 6 pack abs. 


Chunka chunka burnin love.

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  1. Ha ha. Love the flashback photos. I like the new design. Looks great.