Sometimes I look at these guys and feel like some sort of trick has been played on me. Like, when is the bad part going to happen? I wonder when will I wake up from this dream and realize this is not my life. How on earth are these mine? These absolutely brilliant little creatures that I grew and loved from the moment I knew even one of them existed. 

I remember how overjoyed and in this just crazy euphoric state when Chikezie and I got engaged. And I look over at Julian waving his hands in the air and wrinkling his nose at me as he tries to lick his peas directly off of his high chair tray and get that same feeling. And then I look over at Isaiah, with raised eyebrows scanning the room while pounding his tray and kicking his feet...and that euphoric feeling returns once again. 

Being a mother is it folks. You want the secret to a happy and youthful life? Look no further than your children. You want the secret wonder drug to make you endlessly happy? It's on the floor in front of you whining in your face. It's sleeping peacefully in it's bed dreaming dreams that only babies know. 

And how the hell did I get two? I mean seriously. Someone please explain to me what I did in a former life to have been blessed with two of these little wonders. Whoever planned this must have known I could handle it. And expected me to appreciate every single millisecond of this adventure. 

So thank you. To whoever gave me this gift. Thank you. The only repayment I can offer you is to embrace every euphoric memory of this life of mine, and these two little secret wonder drugs you've sent my way. I don't think I ever really knew about life and what it meant to really love...and to do it so deeply until I became a mother.

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