dressing up

I've been gradually getting myself some new clothes lately. Mainly because all of my old clothes I wore before I was pregnant are either too small or still in Iowa. And for the first year of the boys' life I didn't really feel like getting much because I've been slowly losing weight over the course of the year. 

So, here are a couple of new things I've gotten. And for the record-I feel like an idiot taking these pictures of myself. I am definitely no model. 

Top: F21
Leggings that I wear every day of my life: Target
Shoes: Target...old.

Please note the hanger armpit thingy coming out of the top of my shirt. I did not notice this and only took one picture of myself in each outfit because the boys take short naps. Another reason I am not a model.
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Last year Target
Bracelet: World Market

And the boy's favorite outfit:
Maxi Dress: F21
Seriously this thing is so comfortable. But whenever I have it on, Julian especially, LOVES just standing at my legs and fluffing the dress. Good thing it won't come off.

And let's not leave the boys out...they dress up, too:
I put this on them at Old Navy and #1 their heads are too big and #2 they won't leave each other alone when it's on.

OH and even though Chikezie works at Oakley and we have a bajillion pairs of sunglasses I got these at Target because I wanted a some big ole honkers:
and I think they make me look like kind of a beotch.

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