the dresser is done!

In this picture you can kind of see  (on the right) what the dresser used to look like before:
This was when we lived in the studio apartment and I'd JUST moved to Cali. Sometimes I miss that little place :)

Well, it's done for now. I may paint the whole thing. I originally planned on it but that thing EATS up paint. And sanding it was a biotch. And filling in the extra holes where the old hardware was kind of sucked. And the thing is as heavy as a car and I couldn't carry it out to the patio by myself. 

The dresser itself is pretty random, all the knobs used to be handles. I filled in the extra hole and just made them knobs. I could have centered all of them but I didn't feel like drilling new holes in every freaking drawer. All the drawers are different so I figured I'd just make the entire dresser just one big piece of randomness...which is pretty much my style.

I got all of the knobs at Anthropologie mainly because I can walk there any time I want. I could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else but really just wanted to finish the dresser already. I decided to go with different knobs because well, I liked too many of them to just stick with one. 

The knob on the bottom left is my favorite. It looks like a boob. 

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For my efforts. 

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