boys have dolls too

The boys got a couple of gift cards for their birthday. We already took them to Target to let them "pick out" some books. A.k.A. I shot them books and if they don't throw it then it's a keeper. We went back to Target this week (go figure I'm there every day of my life) to spend the rest of their birthday money. 

I'm getting kind of tired of the toy selection at the Target we always walk to so we paraded each isle and I put different toys in front of them to see which ones they even cared to look at or ones they were annoyed at in general. 

Isaiah picked the Princess and the Frog baby doll. He really likes her hands and feet and poking at her eyes. Let me tell is SO hard to find dolls of different colors! I found ONE other African American doll in the isle and it was like a full out huge expensive one. This was the ONLY other one in the girls doll isle. There are a couple things I want to start teaching the boys and I thought it was important to get them a couple of dollies. Boys don't have to play with construction sets and trucks. They can play with dollies and kitchen sets, too. 

And we got another little baby that Isaiah also likes to eat. She has lighter skin and I want the boys to grow up with toys of all colors and shapes and sizes. 

Julian is kind of afraid of the baby so we won't be seeing him play with it anytime soon. But he does love to carry around a little robot we got for their birthday party. 

And with his part of the birthday money he picked out these cars...and was nice enough to share with his brother.

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