the blog where i ramble for 7 minutes on video...wednesday

Dear everyone:

I apologize for the following video. But whatever. I had some Midol before I posted it so I was probably a little loopy. 

If there's anyone to blame for this it is the following blogs where I found other people rambling in a much cooler fashion than myself. I wasn't asked to participate but I'm doing it anyways because I do what I want. 

Here are the questions if you want to do it too:
  • Is there anything blooming in your front yard?
  • What do you think of American Idol and the new judges?
  • Tell us something that happened to you last week. (except I answered for this week)

I say "like" a lot. I know. I try not to, but I do. Chikezie makes fun of me for it. It's a good filler word when I'm thinking of what to say next. So when other people say "uh" I say like. I like, totally sound, like, a total valley girl. Like, totally. Someone please shoot me in the face.

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do it for the eyebrows. 


  1. Hehehehe - I can't believe the dudes are turning 1. I loved your post. You're so real. I love that. I didn't even notice your eyebrows but that made me laugh. Mine need some help!

  2. My eyebrows are waaay more manly than yours, I blame my Polish ancestry.