1 year update

We had our 1 year doctor appointment today...and I HATE going to these because we always have to wait forever to even get into our room and end up waiting even longer for the doctor to come in. And then wait even longer for them to get the shots ready. Our appointment was at 11 and we didn't get back home, in the door until after 1. 

ANYWAYS.  Here are their 1 year stats, and highlighted in blue is where they were exactly one year ago at their 2 week doctor check...

Julian Stats

  • Weight: 24lbs 7.5oz (74%)   5lb 12oz (5%)
  • Height: 31 1/2" (92%)     18 3/4" (5%)
  • Head Circumference: 49 1/2cm (100%)  32 1/2cm (5%)
Isaiah Stats
  • Weight: 24lbs 15oz (73%) 6lb 3oz (5%)
  • Height: 31" (89%)  19 1/4" (5%)
  • Head Circumference: 47 1/2cm (87%)  34cm (5%)

It's so interesting to have two boys growing at the same time. They were born 4 weeks early so really should be the size of babies born a month after them. But have grown SO much in the past year that they quickly caught up to kids their age. And OMG we laughed so hard at Julian's huge head. 

They seem to be doing well in the physical development category although Julian's pincher grasp isn't quite as good as Isaiah's. But our doctor did refer us to a place that checks development to see if the boys are behind in some of their social developments. They aren't waving, clapping, pointing or saying any real words yet besides DaDa but I don't think they know what they're saying. This place will have people come do an in home assessment on the boys to see where they are to determine of they are qualified for any therapy. I think they're fine. But we'll see what the therapists say about where they "should" be.

We also will be referred to an orthipedist to check Isaiah's hips since he was a breech twin. For some reason that has some impact on his hips. I don't know. And also for Julian's left leg which always seems turned in and on his tippy toes when he stands, and upon inspection our ped did notice it just naturally turned in. So hopefully we can get some answers for that. 

Oh and we got some shots. And that sucked. But we're all better now. And that's it. Boys are growing. Huge actually. And I love it. 

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