i miss my babies.

Where the heck did my little babies go??

And when can I get them back?

I miss them.

the heat is on

I took the boys for a morning walk today because we're supposed to have highs in the 80's and I didn't feel like walking with them when it gets super warm. We haven't done a morning walk in a very long time and it was around nap time when we left. They were pretty fussy the whole time. I guess they really need their morning nap in their beds. But, we survived. As long as I kept the stroller moving and we were outside they seemed to do ok and they kind of fell asleep by the time we got home. I put them in their beds and now they're getting that nap they were whining for earlier. 

The mall.

more of the mall.

We stopped in the shade to look at the big fountain for a few minutes. I seriously felt like jumping in and playing. 

Two little boys...fighting off sleep.

And one mama enjoying some fresh air.

We'll probably go back outside later this afternoon if it's not too hot and we can find a place with grass and shade. Not so easy. I sometimes wish the boys were walking because the mall has two areas with fountains that shoot water out of the ground. There are always little kids playing and running around in them in their swimming suits and actually on our way home this morning there must have been some kind of mommy meet up with a bunch of moms and kids playing in the water. It looked like fun. But not fun to crawl on. Soon enough. 

So for the rest of the day I will be reading a couple crafting magazines I found at Barnes and Noble and playing a little game I like to call "see how cool I can keep our apartment without turning the ac on all day". Right now at 11:46 am the temp outside SAYS 61 but I think it feels more like 71. Inside: a cool and comfortable 74. Our high is supposed to be 83 so we'll see about this.

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Wordless[ish] Wednesday: outside

Yesterday we did our usual walk to the mall. I had a few photos printed of family members, bought a $2 photo album and made a little album of our family back in Iowa that we never see. The boys love flipping through it and I hope one day the faces will start to look familiar. 

Anyways. Julian fell asleep on the way there with no pacifier...which NEVER happens. They usually both don't fall asleep until like 5 minutes before we get home and they both have pacifiers. 

How sweet does he look?? (With Isaiah's hand on his crotch lol)

Minutes after this picture Isaiah decided he was done in the stroller and thankfully I remembered to pack the Ergo. Or, not so thankfully. I carried him around on my back almost the whole time, and then switched to the front carry when I started to get tired. I probably walked a good 1 1/2 miles carrying the 25lb tank. Bet that burned some extra calories. 

Then we walked back to the park at our house to enjoy some sun and have a snack.

I think Julian might have a little allergy to the grass..he's always sneezing.
This is his sneeze face. He does it for a good 5 seconds before he sneezes so you know it's coming.

We watched the construction workers building behind us. They have like 2 whole buildings almost completely built already! I swear every week they have something else done.

Did you know that blades of grass are actually leaves? Yes, I did learn something in college botany. 

Sipped on some cold water and wore some baseball hats. Julian leaves his alone for the most part but Isaiah's is usually off within a few minutes. 

...there goes the hat. And now Julian is yawning. 

Always looks like he's thinking about something. I can't get enough of those sweet little lips!

Sweet Shot Day
Isaiah, your hair is getting wilder by the day. And I love it.

Link up your Wordless[ish] Wednesday folks!


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Tuesday Tunesday

I pretty much love everything Incubus does. I never ever tire of Brandon Boyd's voice. 

I love Kanye's Graduation album pretty much every single song and know all the words....and love to mama rap to this song. And Zack Galifanakis is so creepy he's funny. This video is 100% amazing.

I have memories of this song that go all the way back to my childhood to when my Uncle Bryan played it on trumpet...in high school maybe? I don't remember.  And I always think of my Dad and Uncle Craig when I hear it and can picture them drumming on the floor with their fingers to it. This song makes my lips feel numb and I feel out of breath just listening to it LOL because I have some idea as to how hard it is to reach those notes on a regular trumpet. 

What are you guys listening to this week?

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Sweet


The Paper Mama

pictures just for funzies

These are pictures I want to show you but can't think of a specific blog post that would tie them together. So I'm putting them all here. Because this is my blog and I do what I want.

Before our walk on Friday afternoon. An old lady stopped us because she liked Julian's overalls. Me too, old lady. Me too. 

Julian has a pudding mustache.

And so does Isaiah.

Eating lunch today and looking huge.

Before our walk today I checked the mail to find this little treasure today..in which I will post about later this week...but love it so much I wanted to show it off. My custom barelymeasured bag!!! Oh I'm in love.

Tried to get a picture of us before our walk trip to the mall today but 2 seconds after this they both got pissed and wanted to go. So my head is cut off. Guess we know who the real bosses are in this house.

Hope you all had a great Monday! It's supposed to be in the 70's and 80's this week and I'm excited to bust out all of my summer dresses!

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Sometimes I look at these guys and feel like some sort of trick has been played on me. Like, when is the bad part going to happen? I wonder when will I wake up from this dream and realize this is not my life. How on earth are these mine? These absolutely brilliant little creatures that I grew and loved from the moment I knew even one of them existed. 

I remember how overjoyed and in this just crazy euphoric state when Chikezie and I got engaged. And I look over at Julian waving his hands in the air and wrinkling his nose at me as he tries to lick his peas directly off of his high chair tray and get that same feeling. And then I look over at Isaiah, with raised eyebrows scanning the room while pounding his tray and kicking his feet...and that euphoric feeling returns once again. 

Being a mother is it folks. You want the secret to a happy and youthful life? Look no further than your children. You want the secret wonder drug to make you endlessly happy? It's on the floor in front of you whining in your face. It's sleeping peacefully in it's bed dreaming dreams that only babies know. 

And how the hell did I get two? I mean seriously. Someone please explain to me what I did in a former life to have been blessed with two of these little wonders. Whoever planned this must have known I could handle it. And expected me to appreciate every single millisecond of this adventure. 

So thank you. To whoever gave me this gift. Thank you. The only repayment I can offer you is to embrace every euphoric memory of this life of mine, and these two little secret wonder drugs you've sent my way. I don't think I ever really knew about life and what it meant to really love...and to do it so deeply until I became a mother.

night on the town

Last night we went out to eat - to Johnny Rockets. We haven't been there before but it was chilly out and didn't feel like walking around The District to find anything else.  Before we left I thought for sure it was going to be a crappy trip as the boys were just unleashing hell. Tears. Yelling. More tears. Whining. It was not good. BUT...the second we were out the door it was like they were possessed by little angels and were that way the whole night. Even when we got home at 9pm; two hours past their bed time. Not a single whine or peep or fit or cry or anything. Not even at the restaurant. They were completely content the whole time. I was literally in shock and awe the whole night.

Isaiah looking very handsome.

Train conductor Julian (and Luigi) with his Oshkosh overalls ($2 Goodwill) and bandana bib I made. He looked so stinking cute.

Even the hubs looked dashing.

The boys ate some chicken strips and french fries. Complete with smiley face ketchup. 

And how nice of Julian to get the bill for us. 

And we completed dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

And we tried to get a picture of mama and the boys...but you see how those go these days.

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what brothers do

This is how they always sit in the stroller. One brother's hand always on the other brother's lap. Sometimes they play with each other's hands...but always touching. I see this picture and my heart does summersaults. Julian looks so innocent hugging his brother's arm with his little ankles crossed in a way he always sits. Isaiah looks like such a big boy with his arm on his brother's lap. Maybe they do it for reassurance that someone else is there with them. Maybe this is a continuation of their closeness in the womb, always need to be touching and together. Maybe Isaiah's hand just goes there with no real thought or purpose and Julian just likes holding on to stuff in his lap. (It's probably that.) 

But I like to think it's because they love each other.

Or Isaiah puts his arm on Julian's lap to build a relationship of trust...so minutes later he can blindly swipe at Julian's face hoping to nab his pacifier and have two for himself. 

Yep. I think that's why.

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Hi friends. The boys took a 3 hour morning nap this morning so I decided to play with the blog. I may tweak a few things here and there over the next couple days but I kind of like this new look for now...y'all know I need change to survive. 

Let me know if you like the new changes and send us a vote! You guys have seriously helped this blog so much through your votes you don't even know. To give you a little idea of how much this blog has grown since we've been up on the front page at top baby blogs: (one of my highest sources of traffic)
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14,838 page loads, 8,086 unique visitors, 3,947 returning visitors

These were some crazy growths for us and a lot of it had to do with your guys' support. We thank you sooo much. I've met some awesome people through this outlet of mine and I'd love for us to continue to grow. 

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Flashback Friday: Lil' Mandey

Little mama:

I could seriously be Dexter's daughter in this picture. 

Circa preschool. Don't fool yourself. I only did tap and ballet one year. Please note the stunna shades. 

On a family vacay to Colorado - kindergarden-ish. In our new red Grand Am!

My 1st grade roller skating birthday party with like all the girls in my class. And my cousin Zach who I think was mad at this point because he has diabetes and couldn't have the same sugary stuff we were having. Oh and he was the only boy.


Probably 4? Idk. I look so good I can't remember.

....good thing you don't have to look for boyfriends when you're in 2nd grade.

Coloring with the guys.

Flippin the bird. Obvs.

Showing off the 6 pack abs. 


Chunka chunka burnin love.