Wordless[ish] Wednesday

Some random thoughts, followed by some random pictures. 
  • Well, Julian is getting his top two teeth today so he's fussytown. So I'm letting him have his paci, and Isaiah wont leave him alone if he has a paci so Isaiah gets one, too. And I put in "C is for Cookie" DVD because we have a little talking cookie monster the boys both love, I thought they'd like this. They're on and off watching it and playing with toys. Isaiah was giggling at cookie monster at first-they love talking animal/things. 
  • They're testing fire alarms in the building so our fire alarms go off randomly (only for a couple seconds) but the noise is loud enough to make Julian cry every time. AWESOME! 
  • I got a memory foam mattress topper at Target yesterday because I'm a stomach sleeper and since I had the boys my lower back is sore every morning when I wake up. I needed something with more support. I didn't tell Chikezie I got it to see if he would notice a difference (he sleeps so soundly). He didn't notice. I, however, woke up feeling so good! My back felt great and I was actually comfortable and wasn't tossing and turning all night because our mattress is kind of hard. It was awesome-SO soft. 
  • I feel like I'm taking pictures of the same things all the time (the boys). It's raining today and I really just want to get out. I think this weekend (if it's not raining) we'll go somewhere new. I need a change of scenery. 
And now, some pictures:
This is how our mornings go. The boys seriously love daddy. They follow him around all morning and are climbing on him wanting to play. I think they just get tired of me being around all day lol.

If daddy doesn't pick Julian up or play with him, this is what we get. This is Julian's classic "pissed-off stance". He does this when he's really mad. Gets up on his knees, sticks his belly out, clenches his fists and yell-cries. He sounds so pissed when he does it, too. In this particular instance, daddy walked by to get his shoes on and Julian was so angry. He only gets mad at certain things, but when he does he is a total hot head.

I planted an aromatherapy garden for my windowsill above the sink. There is lavender, thyme and something else...2 are growing and one is not. I'm not sure which one was which so I guess we'll see when I can smell them!

Valentine roses from the hubs.  

Aaaand Julian in our bedroom, banging his head against the window. I don't know why but he and Isaiah love doing this. Weird children.

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