Wordless[ish] Wednesday

More random thoughts this week:
  • I'm watching Ellen right now with Justin Bieber and I must say, I have Bieber fever. I mean I'm not screaming, crying pre-teen Bieber fever but I think he's a good kid. I remember seeing his videos on Youtube before he was famous and he was such a cute little singer. And he's a hell of a lot more talented than annoying Miley Cyrus and whiney Taylor Swift. I kind of want to see his new movie but don't want to sit through it with hoards of screaming teenies. (Ok you can all start laughing now.)
  • Sometimes I glance at the boys and they seriously look like they're 5. They're going to be such handsome guys some day :)
  • I had a dream last night that I was getting chased by an alligator. On land. It was huge, like the size of a horse. Whoever knows what this means-get back to me.
  • So I stubbed my toe so hard on the desk today it like ripped off the top corner of my toenail. Gross, I know. It hurts like a beotch. I had this happen before and it turned into a really bad ingrown toenail that I had to go to the doctor to fix. If this happens again I'm going to be pissed.
  • And now because of said toe and the giant bandage I have on it I don't think I'll be showing it in yoga this evening. To they gym it is.
  • I did 44 lunges in a row with the stroller...TWICE this afternoon. My legs felt like bricks afterward. Booyah.
And here are some pictures of the boys this morning eating Cheerios. I'm so glad they know how to eat them now because they're way cheaper and I think better than Puffs.

I'm watching you, Mama.

I  got these jammies this weekend at The Children's Place for $2.99 each. NICE.

Mom, what are you looking at?

This picture is really not that good but this is just a classic Julian pose. He is always sitting like this and I love his cute little hands at his face.

Oh and this is from last night...another one of Julian's poses...pointer fingers armed and ready. This kid loves playing with his fingers.

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