what it's all about (video)

Last night the boys got their first birthday cards in the mail from their Great Grandma and Grandpa Uhl. I gave them each their own card and they just threw them. And then tried to eat them. So while we were waiting for Daddy to watch us open the cards, I started fanning Isaiah with one card and he lost it.....I have never heard him laugh this hard EVER. It was the laughter that is so hard there is no sound and he had to catch his breath afterward. And Julian was just laughing because Isaiah was and wanted to be in on the fun time, but I don't think he really thought it was as funny. When I played this video on Chikezie's iphone this morning though, Julian was the one giggling :)

So, they may not have gotten the intended purpose of the card but had so much fun with something as simple as a piece of paper and a little wind. :)

This is what life is all about, people.

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