wake up daddy

Babies are good alarm clocks. Around 8 if Chikezie isn't up yet, I send in my attack squadron to wake him up. It always works. Last night he got home after the boys were in bed so the boys were really excited to see their Daddy this morning.

Nothing will get you out of bed better than a poke in the face. 
[Please note my dresser missing handles. I painted the drawers and put on new handles months ago but that top drawer needs longer screws (that's what she said) and I haven't found them yet.]

Looking out the doors past the trees to the freeway, where we always see cars lined up on their way to work. Every morning I look at cars sitting out there and am endlessly thankful I'm not one of them. Oh and ironically, as I'm typing this, I'm hearing on the news that the average person spends 34hrs stuck in traffic a year. LA people are up at 63 hours and Chicago ... 70. Who would have thought Chicago is worse than LA with traffic?
[Also note my make-shift hemmed piece of fabric curtain tucked into the top of the door. Curtains for this door are impossible.] 

Ok, I'll wait a second while you wipe up your melted face from all the cuteness......ok, good? Look at those baby browns. It's like they're staring straight into your soul lol.
 Who can guess what baby this is?

Someone discovered their fingers and loves playing with them now. It's the simple things.

These 3 guys are kind of the shit. 

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