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I thought it was going to be rainy all week. The weathermen here have pretty easy jobs. It's sunny and 70's everyday of the year. So last week when they said it was supposed to rain here all week, I believed them. Well, today it was sunny. We've been indoors the past few days so we went for a walk. 

These are the only pictures I have. I just didn't really feel like taking many. I think I'm just getting bored. This weekend I've decided as long as it's nice out (even though they said last week it is supposed to rain) we're going somewhere new. I am though, trying to get a lot of pictures taken of where we live now because it's so nice...we like live in a picture. It's kind of boring after awhile because everything here looks exactly the same but it really is beautiful. 

A lion fountain at the mall. 

It looks like it's drinking out of a straw. Or, as my brother said when they visited, "That lion is peeing out of it's mouth."

More at the mall.

Turtles at the mall. We have a lot of fountains. Little kids run through these fountains when it's warm...I can't wait until the boys are bigger and can play in the water outside when it's hot out.

The dudes, fighting nap time in the stroller. There's so much to look at they usually don't fall asleep until like 5 minutes before we get home.

Hope you all had a great Thursday:) I actually really love Thursdays. You spend the whole day knowing that tomorrow is the weekend (well basically...if you work Friday is the best day of work). Plus in college Thursday night was mug club night at Brother's in Iowa city and if you had a mug drinks were like a dollar. I think it might have been dollar-you-call-it at Sport's Column, too. (Where Chikezie worked.) Whatever. Thursdays are still cool even though I don't get drunk on them.

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