selfie saturday photos- at arm's reach

I haven't participated in any of the Selfie challenges, mainly because I feel dumb posting pictures of myself on my blog. And I don't have a remote yet and it's nearly impossible to use a timer to get decent pictures. But, I really don't have a lot of people to take pictures of besides the boys...and it's really difficult to experiment with my camera with two little boys who don't sit still. But this week's challenge was right up my alley. I have hundreds of self take photos that I've taken at arm's reach. I have long arms and in college I was usually the one in the group people would hand their camera to when we all needed to fit in the frame. 

But I'm not in college anymore. And the dudes don't sit still when I try to get them in a frame with me. And now I have a nice camera that is fun to mess with. And, as you will see in these pictures, I like to edit.

Here are my self takes. I am NOWHERE as good as Elena at Selfie Magic-you really need to skip over to her blog-she gives some awesome tips on photography that are easy to understand for anybody and don't need to necessarily be applied to self photos alone.

I took this one staring directly at the sun out of my window. I closed my eyes and then shot the picture as soon as I opened them so I wasn't staring forever. As we can see, this is HIGHLY airbrushed. And that's not even real lipstick! Added after I was done. I don't know, I think this has a vintage hollywood starlet feel to it. Or maybe like a thin-lipped lipstick model. You don't see many of those LOL. To be honest I never try red lipstick in real life but this doesn't look half bad. 

And here is a photo...a little less edited. I had to brighten it up quite a bit because a cloud covered right as I shot the pic. 

I don't know what is up with the focus on this one, my bangs are blurry but the rest of my face and hair are not. Maybe they were moving. Or were closer to the camera? I don't know. I think I had it on auto so it should have focused on everything. Hmmm....


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