playground fun

I'm slowly getting things ready for the boy's birthday. I'm not going full out-crazy but will be making a couple things so I'm trying to get it all  put together now so I don't have to worry about it next week. We got a call from Chikezie's mom last night telling us she was going to come next weekend for their birthday-and will be here in time for their party on Saturday! I know she's really excited so I'm glad she'll be able to make it. My mom will be jealous she can't come though! 

We walked to Target to pick up some pictures I had printed and stopped at the pet store on the way. We haven't been in there before with the boys because it's always packed and I've never been sure the stroller could fit through the isles. The mall was dead today so we went in. A girl held a little puppy out for the boys to see....Julian wouldn't stop giggling. Isaiah was too busy staring at the girl to even notice the puppy licking his hands. Sorry pal, she's a little too old for you.

On our way home we stopped at the playground at our apartment complex. For some reason, I don't know why, we haven't been down there yet. I guess I'm always on my way somewhere else when we're by the playground and there are usually tons of kids running all over. Plus I didn't know how much fun they'd have because they can't really walk around. 

I held them and slid them down the slide a couple times and they smiled. And then my arms got tired lol. 2 times each of 23 lb boys is enough. Julian enjoyed pounding on the slide.

Isaiah was just zooming around everywhere. We really need some good shoes. I checked the top of his feet after a few minutes and they were getting kind of irritated from dragging on the ground. 

Julian contemplating the meaning of life.

This was after about 4 times of telling Isaiah to stop licking this thing...

Sooo even though they can't walk yet they still had a great time exploring and just looking at everything outside. I honestly don't think they're going to be walking for another few months. We don't have any standing or steps yet and I haven't seen much interest. But they were perfectly content crawling all over and I don't think the surface bothered them too much. I think we'll be going down there more often-just need to find some shoes first. 

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