picture time.

Here are some random things I decided to take pictures of this morning while the boys were napping. I do what I want.

A new scarf I got when I visited the antique mall in Orange. 

Isn't it pretty?

I finally put something up on the wall across from our bed in our bedroom. The big frame was like a dollar at Goodwill. I made the owl and the flower. Oh, and this all looks pretty straight huh? It took me like 10 seconds to put up and I got it this straight on the first try. Baller, I know.

Some pretty earrings I found at World Market this weekend. 

A few of my scarves hanging in the bedroom. Where did I get them? Left to right: Target, thrifted, Old Navy, F21, World Market, Old Navy, American Eagle. ...Over the course of a few years. LOVE wearing scarves with just about everything. 

And the wreath I finally got around to finishing this weekend. I didn't make enough flowers for the whole thing so just turned it sideways and did half. I feel like I could put some birds in the middle. Maybe I will.

Ok well...that's it. 

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