my own space

I bought these fabrics this weekend that will become our future duvet cover. 

I was in the quilting fabric section of Joann's and was starting to get overwhelmed. I haven't taken on any big projects like this because I can't commit to one pattern or color. I'm so indecisive with this stuff which is why I've only taken to making little things. I saw a little old lady wandering through the section and asked her for some advice because she looked like she knew what she was doing. I'd already decided I was going to use the yellow, blue and mixed pattern but didn't know how many other colors I was supposed to use, etc. She walked right to the brown polka dotted fabric. What a pro.

I'm going to use my old duvet cover, that has a stain on it (from petroleum jelly during a late night diaper change when the boys were born LOL). I'm to use the current duvet for a guide and once I get all the squares sewn together I'll sew them to the front of the cover. It's a basic beige color so the back will match fine. I'm also going to add some snaps to the opening so it stays shut. 

And, these fabrics are sitting on my new CRAFT TABLE! Chikezie got it to replace our giant desk but the 4 legs weren't as sturdy as we would have liked, but will work great for a table for me :) I'm SOOO excited to have my own space and not have everything shoved in random places. Chikezie says I can stain it because it's just basic lumber but I think I'm going to leave it. I can use pencil to make guides on the table. Or doodles. And if I get tired of it I can just paint over.

To complete my "craft area" I got our computer screen/tv thing out of the closet and went to Target (again) and got a cheapo DVD player so I have some noise and can watch stuff while I craft. 

And I stopped by the Home Consignment Store on Sunday to find a chair for my desk and ended up finding this old windowpane mirror...I seriously LOVE it. It's so heavy though, anybody know the best way to hang something heavy like this? 

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