Monday Announcements:
  • Isaiah now has 4 teeth. The top two are officially through the gums. He really hasn't been too fussy, so yay for that. Julian's gums have little bumps so I don't think he'll be far behind.
  • We've also discovered Isaiah is developing a sense of humor. We turned on G-Force yesterday just to have something playing in the background (because we've maxed out our Netflix and can't find anything new and decent) and every time there was a close up of the talking gerbils Isaiah would bust out laughing. Julian could have cared less. Isaiah also laughed his face off at Target today at the Tickle Me Elmo, Dancing Mickey and Chatting Cookie Monster. Julian-not even a smile. I was laughing so hard at Isaiah giggling because it's so cute to see him laugh at new things that aren't me or daddy's dumb faces. I got him the cookie monster. It was only like $12 so whatever. He loves it. And then Julian played with it and got all excited when we got home.
  • I'm watching the SNL with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I kind of love him. Except he is SO excited all the time. He kind of makes me feel all anxious like he's going to run out of breath or pass out or something because the veins in his neck pop out so much when he talks. Chill out J Gor-Lev. (The J-Lo thing doesn't really work there.)
And I'll leave you with the only picture I took today with my cell phone because the boys looked so darn cute. This was right after a lady at Target asked me if I had one boy and one girl. I responded, nope...two boys. And then she tried to back her way out saying, "Well they just have different colors, you know what I mean?" I didn't know what she meant. 

Oh and another lady stopped me today to ask me about the boys. She of course said they were beautiful and she had to comment on their dark hair and eyes and skin....kind of not so subtly trying to get me to say what their daddy looks like because they can't possibly get their looks from me! When I told her their daddy was Nigerian she responded with, "There were a couple guys in my high school...their mom was white and their dad was black...and they were SO HOT." ........I really didn't have any response to that one either. 

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