Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda Anna Kothe:
She was born in 1892, a daughter of Cord and Adline. And is standing next to some flowers that look kind of dead. I'm loving her killer boots.

Amanda is the little girl on the left sitting next to her dad with the KILLER mustache. I love the dresses that her sisters, Meta and Anna are wearing in the back, with the high neckline. Adline and Cord were both born in Germany and Adline looks like a very strong German woman.

One day Amanda fell in love with this handsome dude named William Henry Uhrmacher. I like his ears. William was a farmer. He was the first son of Henry and Alvina.
Here he is in the middle back with his little brother (looking very handsome), his sister and his mom. William grew up to be a farmer.

Amanda and William got hitched...and as you can see, are CRAZY about each other. I mean, you can practically SEE the love, right? Looks like their wedding was a wild party.

William was a farmer and a carpenter and Amanda was a homemaker. They were so in love they went on to have 13 children, including one set of twins in which one boy died at birth, and another stillborn baby that was never named. By the age of 27, they had 6 kids under the age of 8. Holy cows.

Here is Amanda again (back row, right) probably amidst having all those babies. Her dad is still rocking the 'stash. Her mom looks a little less angry. Maybe because she doesn't have to deal with little kids anymore.

And here are a few of Amanda's 13 children:
Her oldest son, John Carl. From the looks of it he was a farmer.

Verna Rebecca Martha, her oldest daughter when she was a baby. Soooo stinking cute. Look at her little hand-I bet she was trying to wave.

Here's Edwin Carl Conrad, the twin son she had that survived. Handsome! He looks like a total stud. Edwin is a World War II veteran who died October 17, 1980, exactly 4 years before I was born.

Lawrence Herman, another son in the military.

Louise Ella Flora, the youngest daughter (of 2 girls!). And looks EXACTLY like my Aunt Randi. 

Donald Walter Elmer. Her baby of the family. He was an Army Sgt who fought in Korea. 

And there's Walter Conrad who is my great grandpa. 

And THIS picture is of Walter and his wife, Vernabell (who is still living) and their kids. My grandma is on the left...and looks an awful lot like my mom and aunt :) 

Amanda is my great great grandma, and my namesake. I've enjoyed uncovering her life this weekend all through searching online on and through recollections from my grandma. I'm hoping to uncover more about her life and learn about some of the things going on during the time and place she was alive and being a homemaker for 55 years. She was definitely a strong woman and I feel a little more of a connection to her once I found out she had twins as well, even though one didn't make it...she was a twin mama just like me. 

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