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Right now it's 9 am on Saturday morning and the boys have already been napping for like a half hour. They were up before 6am. I'm watching a documentary on pro wrestling and it's actually very interesting. Netflix it up people. And prepare for lots of scrappy facial hair, denim and gold chains.

Cloth diapering day 1 went great. Except for last night they both peed through 2 prefolds. The Thirsties cover didn't leak but the prefolds were so soaked and they sleep on their tummies so their front was wet. We'll try the BumGenius tonight with the extra insert to see if that works. I think they woke up so early because of the wetness.

And as you can see here, Isaiah's prefold got a little saggy last night lol. 

I made these brownies this week:

The batter was like one big grainy chunk so I added some extra water. They turned out really good but were best eaten with a fork and a big glass of milk :) 

Julian is such a little lover. 

And our new favorite hobby is pushing the desk chair around the kitchen.

And someone also learned how to unroll the toilet paper...

his name is Isaiah. And his shirt says it all...

But how can I be mad at that face??

Last night I managed to get a picture of the boys rocking some super awesome baby 'fros.

Have a happy Saturday y'all! We'll be enjoying INDOORS because it's freezing and raining here in So Cal. Boo.

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