growing up to be good men

Dear Boys,

Here are some little tips of advice I want you to learn and that I think will help turn you into good men:
  • Take the shopping cart back to the corral, don't just lazily leave it in the parking lot.
  • Hold the door open for people, even if you have to wait.
  • Put your toothbrush away. There are so many germs stirred up when you flush the toilet or start running water, the safest place is in the medicine cupboard. 
  • Put the seat down. And don't pee all over the place.
  • Do things right the first time. When you're picking up a room, don't just move everything to a different place. Put everything where it belongs and you only have to move it once!
  • Say please and thank you to everyone. (I even say it to the people who make my sandwiches at Subway.)
  • Take your shoes off when you walk into someone's house. It's just the polite thing to do.
  • You rest much easier in a uncluttered and clean bedroom. 
  • Always use your blinker even when nobody is around, just to get into the habit of it.
  • Most times, the generic brand is just as good as the name brand. 
  • Don't propose on a major holiday or her birthday.
  • Cleaning up after yourself a little every day is the easiest way to prevent things from getting out of control. 
  • But sometimes the cleaning can wait :)
  • Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. I shouldn't even have to say that one.
  • Treat everyone with respect, even if you don't like them or they haven't been particularly nice to you.
  • It doesn't cost anything to show someone how much you love them. Sometimes the little things are most meaningful
  • If there is a woman or woman with children or an old person somewhere where there aren't many seats, offer your seat to them even if they say no, you need to offer.
  • Even if you're someone's guest you can still offer to help with dishes.
  • You're never too old to hug your mama and tell her you love her, even when your friends are watching.
Love, Mama

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