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We've had a pretty good Valentine's Day. I wanted to get outside today as the forecast shows it's supposed to rain here all week. So we walked to the mall (where we always go) and sat outside the carousel for awhile watching the kids get on and off and tons of people enjoying their Valentine's Day together. I got the boys out of the stroller and sat them on the bench, which I rarely do because of the hordes of people who stop and try to talk to us and to be honest it just gets annoying. I've learned through experience that keeping the boys in the stroller and not making a lot of eye contact with people helps us not to get stopped quite as much.

Anyways. It's been a good day. The boys are just growing so fast I'm trying to appreciate and bask in the awesomeness of each stage. Every day there are these little moments I just wish I could take a mental picture of and remember I was sitting on the bed and Isaiah was standing at my legs talking. I leaned to pick him up and his shirt was up just enough so his tummy was showing. Julian crawled up, cracked a huge grin and and poked Isaiah's belly button :)

Right now they're playing quietly on the floor with each other; they follow each other around all day. I found Glee Season 1 at Target for only $25 today, so obviously I HAD to get it. I haven't seen any of these episodes because we don't have cable. I've seen a few online over the past few months and am hooked. Julian loves it. Anytime there is singing he crawls to where he can see the tv and just sits and watches. I love it!

Valentine mama.

Kisses for my Isaiah.

Baby J telling me a story.

I took the last two with my camera timer. I'm trying to find a remote shutter release for my camera, which is a little difficult. Turns out the Nikon D3100 doesn't take the same remote that other Nikons take...if anybody knows any good ones let me know. It would make these pictures a lot easier to take! I hope you all enjoyed your day with somebody special!

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