Flashback Friday

This was us about a year ago...

We got the awesome opportunity to be photographed by Jessica Claire, one of our favorite, and one of the most talented wedding photographers. We were seriously so excited to even meet her-she's like a rockstar to us so we were all giddy to even see her.

My babies were almost done growing. I felt huge, my back ached after these pictures because it was the most standing I'd done in awhile. We took these when I was 33 weeks...still 3 weeks of growing for two babies in my belly left. I seriously felt like a whale. But I'm SO thankful and in love with these pictures (which I keep forgetting to order...) I'm so glad we could document this period with some beautiful photos because I know I'll never be pregnant with twins again. 

Isn't it amazing how we use photos so much more to document our lives now in the "digital" age? I always look at these pictures and think of the boys having them when I'm an old lady or dead and gone...and they'll have these beautiful pictures of their mom and dad when they were young, before they had kids. I've seen a few pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were younger and they look like different people. It's so interesting to me to see who they were before I knew them. I'm so glad I'm keeping such a documentation of our lives to leave lots of memories for the boys and our future grandchildren and so on in the future.

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