Peace Out Fat: Week 1

I'm trying to lose weight. (Aren't we all?) More specifically, I'm trying to lose fat. I don't want to look at the scale and be all excited to see a low number but really just be a skinny person full of fat. I used to do body fat tests on girls in college who weren't afraid to do the test in front of their friends. They were skinny so they thought they had nothing to worry about. And then they'd be embarrassed when their body fat measurements would come up higher than all of their friends. Skinny does not equal healthy. 

It's been almost a year since the boys were born and I'm finally starting to see my old body take shape. Except for one thing; there's a lot more jiggle. Let's get one thing straight. I'm not striving to look like I did before I was pregnant. My body will never be the same after a twin pregnancy and gaining 50lbs. I want to look and feel better than I did before I was pregnant. 

Over the past, let's say, 5 months I've been slowly losing about 8lbs. Not by anything special or consistent. Which is probably why I only lost 8lbs. I'm ready to really make a change. I'm tired of looking at my old jeans (my nice Express jeans I bought just months before I was pregnant that made my ass look spectacular) and feeling sad I can't wear them. I'm tired of changing shirts 10 times because I need to camouflage my gut. I want to add to my arm tattoo but I want that tattoo to be on a tone and strong arm. 

So here's the deal. Each Sunday I'm going to write about my week. My successes, failures, progress, thoughts, workouts, struggles, etc. And I'll be real. Sometimes I try to block out the stuff I'm not proud of but just because I don't want to admit I ate 8 Recees valentine's hearts last night doesn't mean those 720 CALORIES didn't count. Yeah. I didn't want to look last night when I was eating them. I looked this morning and it's 90 calories per piece. Shoot me in the face please. 

I'm also going to include the option for you guys to link up, too. If you really want to get fit and help inspire others and hold yourself accountable and work as a team, link up to my post every Sunday with your own version of Peace Out Fat. Or don't. But at least hold yourself accountable to make these changes. If you don't want to blog about it write something in the comments here just to have it out.

So here goes my all honesty.
  • Sweets. I eat way too many. I ate a lot when I was pregnant and it is hard to break away from that once again. I justify everything I eat or get mad when I don't see the scale change. I keep a food diary and then just don't write that little packet of gummy bears I had because somehow I feel if I don't write it down it doesn't count. But it does, which mr. scale mockingly shows me every morning.
  • My husband. Ok, he's not the failure, but he's not on the same eating path I'm trying to be on. He's not feeling like losing weight or getting fit right now and that's fine-he's on his own journey. But I can't let myself go down that road. His metabolism eats stuff up differently than mine does. 
  • The gym. I looove the feeling I have after a good work out. My main problem; getting to the gym.(a.k.a. downstairs. How pathetic is that!?) There are so many excuses I find with two babies. The simple truth of the matter is that I can make all the excuses I want...but then I need to head to the gym after I'm done finding all the excuses I can.
  • I walked the mall at least 4 times this week with the boys. To the far end of Target and back to our apartment is 2 miles. But I also wandered around stores and whatnot and always end up being gone for a couple hours. Being up on my feet is better than nothing.
  • Yesterday I made it to the gym. My goal was to do back, biceps, abs on Friday and then cardio on Saturday but I skipped Friday...and made myself make it up yesterday and I did it all. Felt good.
  • This week I want to make it to every scheduled work out I have on my calendar. (Weekly schedule I found in my latest issue of Oxygen, if you want to know what that is let me know and I'll share). 
  • Go to 2 yoga classes...(Chikezie, you need to make it home before 7 so I can make these.) 
  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day. I really struggle with my water intake. This will be a big one.

Ok ya'll. Feel free to link up here with your Peace Out Fat posts. I hope this helps motivate at least ONE person. It will surely keep me accountable. Also, if you want to join me and a few friends at, we're helping keep each other motivated by keeping a food and exercise diary and tracking our weight loss with each other. If you sign up there, add me! My screen name is MamaMandolin :)

Happy fitnessing!

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