dream home

This is where I will be living when I win the lottery. 

I'd like this to behind my bed please.

This dinner party under the trees. It's a wedding in the picture but I'd like just a regular dinner party, too.

I'd like to live by this courtyard. 

This will be above my bed. Actually, I don't have to win the lottery for this and may think about doing this in my own room....

But I will have this bed frame. From Environment Furniture Designs....And pretty much everything else they make. Seriously I love this place.

I will have this door going into my bathroom.

And the boys room will look a little like these rooms.

My kitchen will have wood countertops.

But will look a little like this beautiful kitchen. I love all the light. Doing dishes doesn't seem so bad when you have a window to daydream out of.

This can be my comfy little living room. 

I'll have this awesome wood coffee table.

Oh and I'll obviously soak in this relaxing tub looking out over the foggy meadow when I need to get away from my strenuous days of living the good life. You know how it is.

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