Worless[ish] Wednesday: Brothers

It was beautiful out yesterday afternoon (ok, it's beautiful out every day here in So Cal) so after our walk...and then our nap...we went to the park (a.k.a. the giant patch of grass at our apartment) to watch the big guys play catch. And to watch the ladies with dogs chase after them on the grass. And watch the little girl that just learned how to walk stumble in circles around us yelling "baby! baby!"

We sat in the grass on a blanket and just soaked up the world. And Julian whined a lot because he hates grass. And Isaiah puked once.  

Julian's hair was doing some crazy stuff yesterday. The back was like half straight because he was fighting me putting on that long sleeved shirt. Rebel.

Concentration face.

Julian hates grass. 

Isaiah loves Luigi. Maybe a little too much.


These are MY children. My beautiful little children. I am soooo so blessed.

Sweetest lips.

Ready to take on the world together. And if you could see their faces on the other side you'd see pacifiers in their mouths because that's the only way I could get them to sit in the grass without whining. 

Isaiah decided to debut this new face he's been working on.

Hi, brother. 


  1. as a mom with three boys...i can really appreciate this! great smiles!

  2. Oh my goodness! How cute are your boys?! Adorable!
    I am also jealous of the lack of snow! I live in Canada and haven't seen the grass since november :(

  3. Beautiful pictures and handsome little boys. I love it.

  4. love the pictures, adorable little boys! =)

  5. Your pictures are soo awesome! I love them! They really are the cutest little boys and don't ever cut their hair!!

  6. These are the cutest photos that I have seen all day! Absolutely precious. Yes, ma'am. You are definitely blessed. :)

    Thank you for sharing your blessings with us,

  7. I would just sit on a blanket and stare at those two cuties every day of my life.
    So precious!

    Happy Wednesday!


  8. great pictures, your boys always have the most animated expressions! :)


  9. Isaiah makes the funniest faces! I love the last picture of them! Adorable :)

  10. your boys have the most contagious smiles. i was totally smiling looking at these pictures.

  11. I love your "typical" shot. SO cute!

  12. oh my goodness that is a whole lot of cuteness you have there.

  13. SO cute! My husband said mournfully the other day "Well, our twins probably won't be as cute as the Mama and the Dude twins. That would be a miracle since they're the cutest babies ever."
    Oh, and he was serious.
    I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed, haha.

  14. Becky! LOL your babies are going to be SOOO cute! I can't WAIT to see them :) Oh P.S. I have the post for you I just need to pick out a couple pictures...will have it today for sure though! Sorry it took me sooo long!