vacation photos

Some pictures from our last week in Iowa:

Typical Julian. Hurdle stretch legs. One sock off. Sippy cup upside down.

Playing with the piano from Sir Hatler for Christmas. (My dad thinks it's hilarious if we call him Sir instead of Papa)

Dinner at my Grandma's house...cousin Eli is the blur.

The warm and cozy parlor at Grandma's house.

Oldest and the youngest. Great Grandpa Leo and Julian...well technically Isaiah is the youngest but whatever.


Santa Bryce yelling "Ho! Ho! Ho!" I love my Grandpa's smile in the background :)

Aunt Kristen helping Isaiah stand.

Julian enjoying a ride on Great Aunt Crista's leg pony!

My dad has this framed marriage license from my Great Great grandparents. So cool.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Uhl and the dudes.

Sitting on the pink tub having a snack with Grandma Barb and Dan.

View from Dad's house the day we had to leave...lots of snow!

Snowy roads on the ride to the airport.

And finally, we came home to a clean apartment (thank you daddy). It feels good to be home!

Wordish Wednesday


  1. I love these! Your boys are so freaking cute! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  2. Your boys are adorable! Their little cheeks must get kissed every day! Happy WW!

  3. omg, let me just tell you - the picture with grandpa leo and julian is seriously the most ADORABLE photo EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. like, so so so so so sweet.

  4. Thanks Jess! I'm SO glad I could catch that moment. Seeing my Grandpa with babies is awesome-he's so good with them and it's always awesome to see him smile!

  5. That photo of Julian and your Grandfather is absolutly precious! What a great capture!