traveling with twins

One of my main causes of worry before our trip to Iowa was getting through security with two babies. It's complicated enough for one person, let alone 2 extra babies that require bottles and food. I'd done my research beforehand so I wasn't surprised by anything when I got to the security lines at LAX. 

Chikezie had Isaiah in the Bjorn, I had Julian in the Ergo and we just carried the boys through the metal detector at LAX (they let us leave babies in carriers). I forgot to take my coin purse/wallet out of the Ergo pocket and I set off the alarm. So they held me back for as I heard the TSA lady yell to the front of the line "PAT DOWN!" UGH. Seriously? I took my wallet out and the beeping stopped but apparently that wasn't good enough. So I was escorted around the detectors off to the side where I was prepared to be mortified and felt up on Christmas day. Much to my surprise, the nice TSA lady just gently patted the back of the Ergo and then had me lift up the carrier a little so she could feel my stomach area underneath the straps. 

After all this, another TSA agent escorted me to a table where they had to check the bottles of formula I packed and also tested the seal on the closed jars of baby food. It took no more than 5 minutes and we were done. Chikezie got through just fine as well. The boys did fine on the flight, just really restless. We were up at 3 am that morning and they didn't sleep more than 45 minutes each between then and when we arrived in Iowa at 12:30. 

On my trip home to CA, I knew there would either be someone provided me by the airport to help either transport the boys through security and on to the plane or they could provide my dad a gate pass so he could help me through. Thankfully they gave him a gate pass and I felt relieved that I wouldn't have to get through security alone.

While waiting in line to take off practically everything my shoes and put everything in the little baskets, I asked a TSA agent across the room (and in front of a line of people because I really didn't care who heard me) if I needed to take Isaiah out of my Ergo and take the carrier off before I went through the detectors. To which the man replied, "You can leave it on but we'll have to pat you down!" .......... and he said this with a creepy grin.....
And I could feel everyone in the room looking at me for my response which was short and honest, "No thanks."

And there were a few chuckles. 

We got through security there with no glitches and were boarding the plane about the time it was scheduled to take off. It had snowed for the past two days straight so I wasn't expecting to leave on time. A gate attendent carried Julian in the car seat on to the plane for me where I sat on the window seat and he placed Julian in the isle seat. Both boys were super tired and Julian was already asleep and I was hoping for a quiet flight. *hoping*

We were delayed for about 40 minutes so they could de-ice the wings. In that time Julian took his nap and Isaiah struggled to get comfortable. After about 1/2 hour in the air, Julian was pissed off from being in his car seat and Isaiah was defying sleep. Just when Julian was ready to throw a massive fit of rebellion, a lady came up to the seat and said 

"I'm a grandma! What can I do to help!? Will he come to me?" 

She looked normal, and I didn't have the hands or patience any longer to deal with an angry Julian and a sleepy Isaiah so we got him out of the car seat and she took him back a row to sit with her. I could see him over the seat and he did great with her for the majority of the 3hr flight. Isaiah was able to fall asleep on my lap for at least an hour and it was a pretty good flight. Before we landed I could hear Julian getting fussy and was able to transfer Isaiah to the carseat and take Julian so the nice lady didn't have to deal with an angry baby.

Once we landed, I was struggling to get out of the little seat with a 22+lb Isaiah in the car seat, a heavy backpack and a 22+lb Julian on my chest. A guy sitting across from me offered to carry my backpack. All I could do was trust him (he looked nice) and he stayed within sight distance as I struggled to carry my massive kids across LAX.  I was sweating because I had a hot baby on me, and it was a major work out to carry a car seat with a heavy kid. And I had my winter boots on and a hoodie. And I had to walk a freaking mile to get to baggage claim in that massive airport. BUT, the man and the people he was traveling with were waiting for me at baggage claim with my backpack and thankfully Chikezie got there only a few minutes later.

So, our first trip wasn't too bad. There were lots of helpful people when I flew on my own which was amazing. I wish I knew who they were so I could send some thank-you cards or a gift card or something! Not many people do good deeds like that, especially when traveling.  And it made me not so nervous about flying alone with the boys again in the future.


  1. I am impressed that you flew with both boys by yourself! I've been lucky so far to always have my husband with me when we've flown and I admire your bravery trying to fly without help. :)

    Glad to hear you had a fairly easy flight both ways! --Alex

  2. this is freaking fabulous. i'm so glad you had nice passengers on your flight.

  3. OMG- I can't imagine flying with my twins by myself. So impressed! You are Supermom!

  4. That is pretty impressive. I have a friend who wouldn't take her 2 year old to the store by herself, much less go on a plane with twins! Wait till they're older, you might rethink any opinions you have on kid leashes and try that approach!

  5. WOW! You flew with BOTH boys alone??? I admire you more than words can say. Can i ask....had the "Grandma" not helped...did you have a plan?? Did you have 2 seats or how does that work?? I sound totally dumb, but I don't know. I will be flying with my girls (who will be 2 at the time) in the next year and I am a wreck. Thank God for that awesome lady who helped. Wow... people are really good most of the time!

  6. Ok...just read your post again. Got more details. I first read it with two babes screaming. I honestly am in awe of you!! You are amazing. I did not even know if it was allowed to travel with two babies alone. But I guess if you have 2 seats that helps. Plus- they are still in their carseat. Wow, wow and wow. Big congrats to you!!! I bet you were so relieve to see your hubs!! What a welcome sight and I bet he was so happy to see you all made it in one piece!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm glad I made it through alive!!

    On the way back I had 2 seats because you can't have 2 lap babies (obviously). If Julian would have kept crying I would have taken him out of the car seat and just sat both boys on my lap. Or traded and put Isaiah in the car seat. I mean, you just do what you normally do. I'm not going to let him sit there and cry on any occasion. So you just do what you can to entertain them and remember it's only a short flight and then you're done.

    To be honest I wasn't really worried about it. I wanted to go home and wanted to stay longer than a week. I don't want to be someone who doesn't do things just because i have twins. So I booked the tickets and just dealt with every situation as it arose. That's all you can do!

  8. You inspire me!! I love that you were able to just be calm and let the details evolve. I agree - why put restrictions on ourselves because we have twins?