Thoughts on Moving

  • We moved to this apartment a year ago in April hoping we found a place we could stay for a couple years so we wouldn't have to move again soon. Well, we don't like it as much as we thought we would. Don't get me wrong, this place is beautiful. The grounds are amazing, there are super awesome amenities, but there are a lot of things that I'd trade for the fancy granite countertops and bedroom french doors.
  • The next couple months I need to start organizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff. Especially the boys' old stuff. I'm not lugging things we don't need or use anymore to the new place (which is yet to be determined). This is one good thing about moving. It is a home "cleanse" of sorts and provides for a new, fresh start at a newly cleaned and organized place.
  • Things I'm looking for in a new place: 
    • Away from main roads. We're right by the freeway right now. I can't open the windows if I want to watch TV because I'm having to blast the TV to hear anything.
    • A big patio. Our patio right now is soooo small. We hardly use it because it faces a wall, too. We live in California-where we can use this all year round! I want a big patio I can put a rug on and let the boys play in the fresh air during the day.
    • A tub without built in doors. I HATE ours. It's so hard to bathe the boys when I can only have access to half the tub at a time. 
    • Preferably a first floor apartment. I go on lots of walks with the boys and I don't want to worry about lugging boys down stairs. Right now we have an elevator but not many complexes have one.
    • Lots of walking trails and paths around. Right now we're in such a commercial area it sucks going for walks because I have to wait forever at stoplights every block. And the scenery sucks. 
    • A place fairly close to Chikezie's work in Foothill Ranch. I'm thinking Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Ladera Ranch (there's a place there I like), Rancho Santa Margarita...if you know of any places in this area let me know!
  • As much as I hate moving, I'm a creature of change. I love changes. I love being in a new environment with a fresh start. I'm often rearranging things and changing my environment so a change will be nice. We only moved one block from where we lived last year so I'm ready for a completely new start.


  1. We live in RSM and love it! We are in walking distance to everything! (We live right behind Target) My husband takes the boys down to the canyon, which we could walk to in about 20 minutes, to throw rocks. There are also some great parks and we go to the library once a week for story time.

    I hear you on the tub! Luckily my boys' tub doesn't have a door but what I really hate is that we have carpet in the bathrooms! :(

    Just something to think about. I hope that helped.

  2. Awesome another SO Cal mama...and close to us! Let's be friends. I really like RSM a lot and hubby works at Oakley so it's like, really close!