This Year

Every year I see people make lots of resolutions to eat healthy, lose weight, etc. That should be our resolution every day, not just at the beginning of the year. I like to make resolutions with substance. Resolutions that will challenge me to be better. 

This year I promise myself I will:

Read one book a month. I've been working on Eat Pray Love for like 4 months. I want to read more.

Read more to the boys. We haven't established the reading before bed routine...but I'm determined to start that soon.

Learn to play my guitar. Chikezie bought me a really nice guitar for Christmas when I was pregnant but my belly was too big and I couldn't fit it on my lap to play. This year I will learn.

Buy more local produce. We live in Southern California....there are farmer's markets every day of the week! I really need to allot a special time every Saturday to go to our local one.

Have a booth at the Patchwork Indie Arts Festival. Either in the spring or in the fall. I love this art festival and want to be a part of it this year.

Meet up with fellow So Cal bloggers. This may be tricky. I'm really trying to find bloggers in my area but it's hard to find people! I want YOU to help me with this one. Send all So Cal bloggers my way!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Orange County. We don't plan on living here forever and I want to experience as much as I can in this area before we aren't here anymore. I want to go to the beach more this summer, either with the boys or with some girl friends. I want to go for hikes in the mountains. I want to see some sights unique to this area. Who's with me?

Get new glasses. I really need some. That is on my need list. 

Have a date night with Chikezie once a month. This is also a need.

Learn my camera inside and out. I have this great camera, I really need to buckle down and learn everything about it. It's like having a car with 800 horse power but never slamming on the gas. Pointless.

Up my sewing skills.  This will only come with practice, practice, practice.

Find somewhere to play volleyball. I really miss playing but haven't found any indoor leagues around here. Who can help me search?

Soak up every single second watching my two amazing little dudes grow. Teach them and watch them learn, hug them, kiss them..and their ouchies, laugh with (and at) them, play with them, smell their perfect baby scent (when not poopy), take them to explore the world and find new adventures, let them get dirty and do boy stuff and most importantly thank God for every moment I've been given with them. 

What do you promise yourself this year?

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  1. GREAT resolutions! I share so many!

  2. I just watched Eat.Pray.Love last night - really good, really inspiring. Do you follow Mommy Elephant's Adventures? She is from Orange, CA and is ALWAYS out and about.

  3. I made similar resolutions!!

    I'm not in SoCal, but I'm in Vegas & my husband's family lives in we are in LA aaaa lllooottttt!!

    If you have a meet up day, I'd love to come!!!!

  4. I have a bunch of similar resolutions but my main resolution is to not get crazy caught up in having two new babies- but let myself actually enjoy every moment!
    And I live nowhere near OC, but if you're ever in Utah drop me a line!

  5. I can help on 2....there's an indoor volleyball league I believe in Anaheim I'll try and get more info from my friend and 2nd cheap eye glasses at zenniotpical dot com very cute and very cheap you just need to know your prescription

  6. I'm in So Cal (Anaheim right now...) and would also love to meet up with other So Cal bloggers! I also follow a blog called Tiny Oranges - - (specifically for OC moms), though I'm not really involved or know anyone through that site since I'm not a mom yet.