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I've decided within the next couple months I'll be adding to my arm tattoo...FINALLY! The last tattoo I got  was the blue clouds around my arm. You can read all about my tattoos and their meanings HERE. I've wanted to add on to this since I got it in the spring of 09. But I was pregnant shortly after and have been busy ever since. But now, it's time. I just don't know where to go to get it done out here, that's the big problem. I want my tattoos to look uniform, not like they were done by many different artists. So finding a good artist that won't charge me a bamillion dollars out here will be a task. 

I want all of my tattoos to look painted on, which generally means they don't have black outlines like most classic tattoos. I need to find an artist who can do that style to my liking and understands my vision. 
I want a mountain horizon with a beautiful pink and red sunrise in the background (which would look so pretty under the blue clouds). I also want somewhere, two daffodils which is the March birth flower (representing the boys) probably on the top and/or back of my shoulder. Yellow is a complicated color to get because it fades easily and your shoulder is a prime are for sun...which causes fading. The yellow flower I already got I had touched up now has more orange and red because it was fading into my freckles so much.

Chikezie is pretty supportive of it either way. He's said in the past he doesn't want me to be all covered in tattoos, but at the same time thinks every new one I get is pretty kick ass. I'm keeping all my tattoos located in the same area and not everywhere all over my body so I think that keeps it all under control. Plus, he's always wanted one but can never decide what or maybe he lives vicariously through me :)

Here is some inspiration I've been looking at:

This picture is almost perfect. I love the colors (I wouldn't have this much black on the bottom of course) but this is a picture with Longs Peak in the distance. I climbed Longs a few years ago, it was my first 14'er  and even though it was SO physically challenging it is something I'm so proud of. I want to climb it again. I have a picture of it in my bathroom actually as a reminder on the tough days that I can do anything.

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