January 27, 2011

robot birthday!

Here is what we want Mama to do....


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I have a love affair with bunting! LOVE it!

  2. super cute can't wait to see it all pan out

  3. My only advice is to start decorating 2 days early and do all of the cooking the day before. My son's 1st was last halloween. I went all out and made buntings, costume and cupcakes from scratch. I thought day-before decorating and day-of cooking would be fine. But on his big day, waking up at 5 to bake, etc we were such zombies we literally forgot to take pictures. We took maybe 4!

  4. really great ideas!!! I have been pining to do a bleach pen shirt for a while, seriously love the robot ideas!!!

  5. HOly cuteness!! Love the ideas!! Excited to see what you do :)


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