It's 10:21p.m. and I'm talking to my husband on the phone and I really miss him. He's in California. I'm in Iowa with our babies. It's only for 10 days but I miss him...even though he's being kind of annoying.

This week I'm spending in my hometown visiting my family and I'm so glad to see all of them. I missed them all so much, especially my brothers and sister. They're 15 now! We've been having the best time just hanging out and the boys love their auntie and uncles.

So...I'm sorry if I don't have much to say. Life is doing it's own thing right now and I'm doing my best to snap a few pictures of it while I can:

We said goodbye to Chikezie's fam on Saturday. I miss them all already. (this was our best attempt at a family photo...notice my crouched position lol the tall people should NOT be in the front)

And we said hello to my mom, Uncle Bryce, Uncle Joshie and Auntie Kristen. I missed my family! We'll be seeing my dad later on this week :)
 I caught a beautiful Iowa sunrise this morning. All I did was enhance the colors on this photo, no other editing. It really was that pretty.

And now that we're somewhere new, the boys are just as curious as ever. 

And smiling for pictures just isn't as cool anymore!
I'm just LOVING all this family time, but dude...I'm kind of ready to be home. I miss my bed. And I miss my hubby.


  1. I went to Michigan in August to visit my family for three weeks. I LOVED every moment, but I, too, missed my own bed & having Collin's room. Enjoy the rest of your stay while you can. =]

  2. the last picture is GREAT!!! That face!! It's killing me!!

  3. Oh those boys...just so gorgeous!

  4. aw man, that totally sucks. i hope you guys are reunited soon. it's nice to be a happy little family unit. your boys seem to be doing amazing though.

  5. Just found your blog somehow and love it!! :) Your boys are adorable!

  6. I love that last pic. He's obviously decided that he needs an "attitude".