January 25, 2011

Funniest Mama EVER

Last night, for one brief, fleeting period...I was the funniest mama EVER

And I have the pictures to prove it. 

Here is the original:

When they're 15 and think my jokes are LAME, I can pull out these pictures and cry about a time when my babies thought I was entertaining. 

Or maybe I'll just be the cool mom who just happens to have hilarious jokes even when her kids are 15.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. oh gosh the neck chub and the two teeth grins are almost to much to bear. The sweetness oozes from these photos!

  2. Love all these shots, they are both too sweet!

  3. Look at those darling faces and smiles....laughing faces, actually! Just precious captures....and I'm sure you ARE the funniest mama ever!

  4. Boy, you really had 'em going!


  5. I love it - I can just hear them giggling!! :)

  6. Oh my, they are just precious!! Love it...

  7. Haaaa! You must train me in the skills of hilarity! Collin only laughs like that at is Dda.

    I have to ask, what actions/presets did you use for these photos, if any? I love them!!! Love, love, love!!!

  8. Holly- I edit them in Picnik lol! We have photoshop but I suck at it still so I go to picnik because i have it down. For these I got to Advanced>Early Color Fade and adjust the level I like. Then go to Effects and apply Gritty and adjust accordingly. Then I adjust contrast a little. And round the edges because I just love rounded edges lol.

  9. They are adorable! You must be really funny!

  10. Holy cuteness! My little boy (shaping up to be quite the chunk) just started smiling, and i can't wait for moments like those in these pictures :)

  11. @MamaMandolin - Wow! Guess I'll have to wander back over there & play, then! Hahaha! I used to use it all the time, but stopped!

  12. I am dyyyyying for these photos! What beautiful babies & captures of their happiness! It makes my heart truly melt!! Awww! Great edit, so soft & dreamy looking! xx


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